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The Galaxy of Lemuria Begins Indiegogo Fundraising Today

The crowdfunding for The Galaxy of Lemuria officially goes live today, and once funding is achieved, it will be available on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4, with a scheduled 2019 release. Players will journey from planet to planet, dealing with some of the galaxies most perilous situations, but with a solid deck of abilities, you can survive and thrive in these dangerous moments. The Galaxy of Lemuria is a survival MMORPG with interesting building and card-based skill systems.

Key Features of The Galaxy of Lemuria Include:

  • Build, and Then Build Some More: Build the home that perfectly meets your aesthetic with the materials found on each respective planet — this could be wood, metal, stone, etc. Be wary, as other players have the ability to destroy your hard work. On the flip side, other players can team up with you to forge a sprawling metropolis!

  • Have Mercy on Their Souls: Players have a chance of obtaining a “Monster Card” upon killing an enemy, which then can be used to either attach to a weapon for added abilities or used to summon that slain creature as a pet. Pets can be called in as a backup in battle, carry items and perform certain skills.

  • Fight or Flight: A galaxy holds a delicate balance, and occasionally something will go awry. Players will sometimes find that their planet on which they reside with lose its “energy” and will be stripped of all natural light. During this time, the vilest creatures will roam the planet. It will be up to players whether to stay and protect their homestead or flee the planet to escape from the endless perils.

  • Decks on Deck: The card-based skill and leveling system is the core of The Galaxy of Lemuria. Players choose a specific deck to begin the game with, and each deck holds a specific set of skills. The power of the cards in the starting deck is finite, but players can collect cards as they play the game and can also trade, sell and buy cards from other players. Booster packs can also be obtained via the reward system by performing certain tasks and meeting certain criteria. Every skill, from crafting to combat requires a card, and it is up to the player how much they want to beef up their deck!
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