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Oasis Games offers new details and a video teaser of multiplayer in its World War II naval combat game for mobile, Fleet Glory.

Multiplayer Options
Fleet Glory offers the most intense naval combat experience available to mobile players. Players can participate in random matches or group up with their online friends. Upon entering a battle, players face a three-minute countdown as they seek to destroy enemy warships and occupy an area of water. Players must learn to employ and execute a variety of strategies and tactics, but also be able to predict the tide of battle and coordinate attacks with teammates, in order to achieve final victory.

Battle Planning
When Fleet Glory players become immersed in multiplayer mode, they discover the importance of flexibility and the ability to adapt and adopt different strategies. While achieving excellent sink numbers is a key element of the game, players may sometimes be better served by focusing on delivering a steady stream of damage for the benefit of their overall team. Other in-battle decision-making scenarios might include focusing a team attack on a particular opponent ship or abandoning an objective to come to the aid of a teammate under attach or utilizing cover and coordinating precisely timed attacks to neutralize a stronger warship. Situational awareness, strategic flexibility, and team communication and coordination are the true keys to multiplayer success.

Future Upgrades
Fleet Glory will continue to enhance its multiplayer experience by gradually releasing more than 200 total warships for play. Available fleet selections will include a range of famous World War II battleships, cruisers, destroyers, and other ship types that reflect historically accurate specifications and performance. Aircraft carriers and submarines will also appear in the game, expanding the maritime battle zone into the air and below the waves.

Players can expect and enjoy quick growth and expansion in Fleet Glory, as unlocking one warship in a level will unlock all warships from the same level.

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