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FishBoy is a Arcade Mobile Game hitting Android from NetEase

NetEase released FishBoy today for Android, which is their spin on the classic arcade game genre. FishBoy features a 3D oceanic adventure, where players compete against the clock and other players around the world for the title of “King of the Seven Seas”.  Players will lure, catch and tap species of marine life to claim gold coins. The more valuable the fish, the more coins they receive for catching them. The gameplay is easy and fast-paced, so players of all skill levels can enjoy it. Exciting fishing trips await, as well as trips to the Amusement Park, or Fish Pond to practice luring and capturing. For the bold, there’s the Arena, where fishermen compete to see who can capture the most valuable fish faster.

FishBoy features include:

  • Simple, Engaging and Fast-Paced Gameplay – Quickly tap the screen to capture fish and gain their gold coins. Not all captured fish are easy to hook though – all sorts of fish enter the screen from all directions and may crowd out the intended target. Different fish come in different sizes and durabilities, so the player must develop different strategies to claim their gold.
  • Weapon Upgrades and Character Customization – Through in-game tasks and competitions, earn powerful weapon upgrades that assist in damaging and capturing rare and even mythological fish. Additionally, change the appearance of your character to set yourself apart from rival fishermen.
  • 3D Graphics – Highly detailed waves and sea life make it seem as though the player is really on an oceanic voyage atop the high seas. The charming, cartoonesque art style of the game offers players a visually-pleasing experience while capturing as many fish as possible.
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