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Final Fantasy XIV’s Blue Mage Has Arrived

Now that Patch 4.5 has released, so has the next job in Final Fantasy XIV – the mighty Blue Mage. This is the first “limited” job in FFXIV, and they cannot group in random parties. Blue Mage requires having a Level 50 Disciple of War or Magic, and they must also have completed the main scenario quest “The Ultimate Weapon” for A Realm Reborn. Blue Mages find powers from fighting monsters, and can then mimic those abilities in battle. There are presently 49 unique monster abilities, and a level cap of 50, but this will increase in future updates.

Players may also challenge themselves in Blue Mage-exclusive duty, titled The Masked Carnivale. This exciting new Blue Mage end-game content challenges players to complete a total of 25 unique stages. Weekly rewards are also available for those who wish to hone their skills even further. Players may access The Masked Carnivaleupon reaching level 50 with Blue Mage and completing all Blue Mage job quests.

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