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Explore The Lost City of Omu in Neverwinter’s Next Expansion

The next expansion to Perfect World’s Neverwinter Online is coming in February, The Lost City of Omu. It’s time to face off against the lich, Acererak and it will feature new adventure zones, an endgame trial, and an expanded Tomb of Annihilation campaign.  Players can also expect gameplay adjustments and more. Answers to the death curse gripping the land of Faerun may be found in the Lost City of Omu. It’s a crumbling temple ruin and a labyrinth of underground tunnels. The dreaded Tyrant (undead T-Rex) is also lurking, waiting to destroy all adventurers that come calling. The Lost City of Omu also delivers a wealth of improvements to the Neverwinter experience for players at all levels, including adjustments to class powers, removal of the 60-70 leveling curve for smoother player progression and a deeper Tomb of Annihilation campaign. Plus the update includes a new endgame trial where players will face-off against the horrors of Acererak – including the lich himself. It’s coming on February 27th.

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