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EverQuest 2: Blood of Luclin Trailer

EverQuest 2 has launched its next expansion, Blood of Luclin.

The snake-like race known as the shissar are threatening an invasion of Norrath starting from the moon called Luclin. The proven adventurers of exceptional might and tradeskillers of unparalleled skill will find a way to travel to Luclin. But upon arriving there, they find the moon is not easy to traverse, and a great many threats than just the shissar stand in their way.
Norrathians will search and fight across Luclin in the hopes of finding a way to stop the shissar once and for all from reaching and ruining Norrath.

Key features include:

  • New adventure quests
  • New signature tradeskill quests
  • New signature adventure quests
  • New achievements
  • New collections
  • New zones:
    • 1 quest and services zone (Sanctus Seru)
    • 3 outdoor zones (The Blinding, Aurelian Coast, Wracklands)
    • 5 dungeon themes (Sanctus Seru, Aurelian Coast, Fordel Midst, Wracklands, Ruins of Ssraeshza)
    • Solo instances
    • Heroic instances
    • Raid instances
    • Contested raid dungeon
  • Increased adventure level cap (up to 120!)
  • Increased tradeskill level cap (up to 120!)
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