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Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny Now Available

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Age of Wushu

The latest expansion to martial arts MMO from Snail Games, Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny, officially launched Wednesday, October 15th.

The new expansion features content updates including new instances, areas and systems, centered around the tradition themes of fate, loyalty, and conspiracy. These new features include:

Companion System

  • Players can become “Companions” allowing special benefits while offline
  • Offline Companions can be summoned as an ally in battle

Delightful Island and Silver Hook

  • Players can join in a new Forbidden Instance known as “Silver Hook”
  • After finishing Silver Hook, players will be able to explore a new region called the Delightful
  • Island, filled with bosses, treasure, and other unique activities

Flower Prince Contest

  • Special event for players with male characters of the Shifting Flower Palace
  • Unique game mode requiring skill and strategy to win and earn title “Flower Prince” as well as exclusive skills

Lingxiao City and “Path of the Departed”

  • Opt-in battle mode in which players join in a 4-way conflict in the mountainous region around Lingxiao City
  • Players are placed on random teams, and have the opportunity to go undercover to subvert opposing teams during the battle
  • Defenders hold the city, while the three attacking groups compete with each other in a bid to storm the defenses.

For the full story, please check our official Age of Wushu website:

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