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Elsword Luciel Chilliarch and Royal Guard Dev Play

Hop into Elsword to play as their first ever team character Luciel now! DizzyPW went toe to toe with Crow, Mosh-up and the ever brutal Sonata to test out the power of Luciel’s two first job options: The Chilliarch and Royal Guard.

Luciel is the latest character and first dual character in Elsword! Lu, the demon monarch, emerges in Elrios as a small child, having used all her mana to escape captivity in the realm of demons. She has lost all her power and possessions due to her subject’s betrayal.

Ciel, the mob hitman, finds Lu in her weak state and takes her in. Her name is all she remembers.
Before long, assassins from the demon world come for Lu, and Ciel gives his life to protect her.

Just then, Lu remembers everything. A mystical contract allows her to revive Ciel as a half-demon, and
he is bound to serve her in return. And soon, with Ciel’s help, Lu will take everything back.

Together, they are Luciel, a dangerous duo in pursuit of demons that plague the land.

The 1st job path begins at Lv. 15:


1st Job in a path led by Lu

Weary from fighting off demon assassins non-stop with Ciel, Lu recalls her ability to induce fear in her enemies from the time when she used to lead the demon army.

Wields Terror Energy harvested from fear, and uses them in various skills.

Deploys one of 3 types of demon javelins with her ZZZX attack.

Able to utilize a special chain skill beginning with Dead Hands

Royal Guard

1st Job in a path led by Ciel

Now that Ciel has acquired great powers from the demon realm, he pours all efforts into helping Lu, so that she may win back her throne sooner. It’s the least a butler could do.

Acquires a powerful new blaster in the shape of a cross.

Able to obtain his enemies’ soul energy to amplify his own skills.

May use a special chain skill beginning with Demonic Breath or Fantasy Impromptu ・1st Movement.

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