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Duelyst Releases ‘Trials of Mythron’ Expansion Today

Bandai Namco has officially released the sixth expansion to Duelyst today in ‘Trials of Mythron’. This update adds two additional gameplay mechanics and over 100 new cards to the tactical board game. With it also comes a new card rarity, Mythron, and the Trial/Destiny mechanic. Mythron Rarity is a bonus players can obtain for free after accomplishing a feat. Mythron cards have two unique components: Trial and Destiny. “Trial” is an objective that must be met before the card is used. Once completed, that card can be played for its “Destiny”, an effect that remains in play for the duration of the game. Players need only complete a Trial once, making the card with its Destiny effect playable anytime afterward.

There is also the new “Intensify” mechanic, which lets players make use of a powerful stacking effect that opens up wild new tactical possibilities. Intensify appears on Minions and Spells and boosts their power each time that card hits the board. For example, the Abyssian Bonecrusher is a 0/3 but gains 5 attack every time it enters the battlefield, making it a 5/3 when first cast, and a mighty 10/3 on its second appearance. Since Intensify keeps track of the number of times a card has hit the battlefield, the effects keep stacking and makes revived, cloned and duplicated minions extremely powerful.

Unranked Play – Unlimited Format is a new game mode offering the widest deck choice possible. In this unranked mode, players can use any card they own, including cards that are no longer in the standard rotation! Through an Unlimited Celebration quest, players will receive five Shimzar Orbs after playing seven games in the new Unlimited queue. To help players get started with these new cards and features, there are special events in play. All players will receive three ‘Trials of Mythron’ Orbs for the first login, until April 30th. Additionally, even more orbs can be earned through a limited-time Twitch Drops promotion. Watching select Duelyst streamers on Twitch for 45 minutes will earn players another three Orbs. A list of those streamers can be found below.
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