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DomiNations Plan to Launch Space Age Update for Fourth Anniversary Celebration

The next major update for DomiNations was announced today, taking Nexon and Big Huge Games’ title into space. To celebrate the fourth anniversary of DomiNations, the Space Age will be arriving. Over 50 million civilizations have gone on this historic journey over the last four years, starting at the Stone Age, and now we’re on the way to space. On March 19th, 2019, players will break free from the shackles of Earth’s gravity.

Dominations Four Year Anniversary kicks off in mid-April and will last for two celebratory weeks of giveaways, rewards, and sales along with the healthy dose of active fun they have come to expect from the long-running live service. Big Huge Games has scheduled surprise activities and events to challenge players to evolve their strategies and encourage the community, who have now spent over 6,000 cumulative years (longer than all of recorded human history) attacking their enemies in PvP battles, to engage with and against each other in new and exciting ways.

“Over the last four years, DomiNations has quite literally evolved through the ages with tons of new content, new modes, and regular events that give players more opportunities to collaborate with and compete against one another,” said Tim Train, CEO of Big Huge Games. “The introduction of Space Age marks the true beginning of the modern era in DomiNations, giving players access to advanced technologies and weapons to turn their nations into true global superpowers.”

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