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Crowfall Unveils Video Walkthrough of New Game Enhancements

ArtCraft Entertainment revealed a new video today, showing off the latest enhancements coming to the Throne War Game. These features promise to deliver on the notion of an intensely competitive PVP game that “you can win”. The first campaign update brings the Crowfall world to life with real-time scoring mechanics, leaderboards, and an expanded Campaign World. In the video, J. Todd Coleman goes over what these new ideas bring to the game.

Adventure Zones will be full of monsters and other combatants, each with their own procedurally generated world. They also added a Capture Point Bonus. This takes advantage of the Seasonal Nature of Crowfall, with bonus points accruing via a seasonal multiplier.  The enhanced siege system enables a robust game of strategic conquest across multiple worlds. Daily sieges allow players to defend their territory or expand their empire. This and so much more make Crowfall a challenging, but rewarding world to be a part of.

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