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Dungeon Fighter Online makes a unexpected return by Neople

Suddenly, out of nowhere… It has returned! The ever-popular MMO Beat ‘Em Up, Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO) has been revealed recently by Neople, the original developers of the game. The game will indeed be returning with a global service for English speaking territories. And the most interesting part about this: Nexon America is NOT associated with publishing this time around. An alpha test is expected to begin on May 15th.
DFO Relaunch
For more info, visit
UPDATE (5/12/2014 – 9:39 PM EST): Several members from a gaming forum known as Auxgaming have performed a few tests to determine whether the DFO Global website address is legitmately owned by Neople or not. First results have claimed that the domain link is fake. Although, despite there being two IP addresses, it is possible that a subdomain is being used between the two, one being hosted in the United States and one hosted in South Korea. We’ll update this post as soon as a concrete confirmation is available. (
UPDATE (5/12/2014 – 10:51 PM EST): The main page for DFO Global has crashed due to high amounts of traffic.
UPDATE (5/13/2014 – 1:01 AM EST): Al blog post from Neople has been posted, claiming that the main DFO Global page is legit.

“Hi, this is Nepi (Nefi) from neople… regarding the site you mentioned, it seems that this is a case of fraud in which our page was used. it seems to have been promising a play service for the english community. Also, regarding any schedule regarding this sort would be on the neople site.”

Blog source (Korean):
This sure is certainly a strange amount of events. Seems like waiting for May 15th will be the only true way to know if this is real or fake.
An “official” statement from the DFO Global Facebook page was also posted around 1 AM EST:

Hello all,
We hope the following addresses some of the questions you may have about the Alpha Test!

– It is an OFFICIAL TEST directly run by NEOPLE, the developer of Dungeon Fighter Online.
– We have closed the test webpage for now, and it will be reopened tomorrow. Come back tomorrow and start downloading the game prior to the test opening on 15th May.
– As mentioned before, it is only an “ALPHA TEST”, so please note we may bring the server down at any time without prior notice.
Thank you so much for your support
Please join us in the Alpha Test of the global Dungeon Fighter Online on 15th May!

Official post can be found here:
UPDATE (5/13/2014 – 2:07 AM EST): A member of the OnRPG forums by the name of Ryukiri with an understanding for the Korean language has just translated the previous Neople blog spot, which states:

Hi this is Nefi from neople, i have looked it up in the relevant division regarding the site you mentioned, and it has been confirmed that it was not a fraud scam. You may have faith in it as an alpha test site planned for a play service in english speaking country.
You can recieve more details on their upcoming plan or schedule depending on their progression through the neople site or on the news. please stay tuned, thank you!

Given all the things that have transpired over the past several hours, perhaps DFO Global is real after all. We’ll find out soon enough on May 15th.

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