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Dauntless Welcomes New Behemoth and Confirms Cross-Play in Summer 2019

A new content update has arrived for the co-op Action RPG Dauntless, and with it comes a new Behemoth – Boreus. This frost-powered Behemoth is the first that can summon a swarm of lesser minions to its aid. It’s better to consider it a group of creatures instead of just one monster. It can summon three distinct minion types to aid it/assault Slayers. With Boreus also arrives Hunt Pass Season 3: Overgrowth.¬†Arriving alongside the Behemoth, this new seasonal event runs from March 13 to April 16 and gives Slayers the opportunity to earn a full set of Farslayer gear, including the first-ever transmog for the Ostian repeaters. Emotes, epic flares, and other rewards dot both the Elite and Basic Hunt Pass tracks as well. Today’s update also brought a new UI for Slayer loadouts, updated attacks/combos for the Hammer weapon and more. More information can be found below.

Phoenix Labs also revealed that cross-play support is on the way for the console releases. This will bring expanded friends lists, matchmaking and more with the “One Dauntless” vision. This will bring the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Epic Games versions together.¬†Dauntless will now be launching on all three platforms in summer of 2019. This new launch window amends the previous April launch target, giving Phoenix Labs additional time to polish gameplay, stress-test for scale, and complete additional features in time for launch on console and the Epic Games store.

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