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Dauntless Leaving Early Access in September 2019

Phoenix Labs, creators of behemoth-slaying Dauntless revealed today that it is leaving Early Access soon. Version 1.0 will hit Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC on September 26th, 2019. A major seasonal expansion will also drop the same day, called “Aether Unbound”. Slayers can look forward to a new weapon, a new Behemoth, a new Hunt Pass, and much more. Aether Strikers are the new weapon, and they could not have come at a better time. A new Dire Behemoth, Tempestborne Stormclaw arrives this season, and it’s ready to fight. Aether Unbound also offers a different way to hunt and earn experience, using the new Bounty System. Of course, there will also be a new Hunt Pass, packed with in-game rewards. Aether Unbound is just the start of a new phase of the Dauntless journey. More information can be found below.

Jesse Houston, Phoenix Lab’s CEO also offered a letter to their audience:

In 2014 we started Phoenix Labs with a vision. We were 7 developers who believed in redefining the way players shared their gaming experiences. Now in 2019 we’re over 100 strong, and you — the Dauntless community — have been with us every step of the way.

Sept 26th marks a special celebration for Slayers everywhere. Dauntless will leave early access and launch 1.0 with its latest patch, Aether Unbound. As we look back on the last 5 years, we reflect on just how amazing the journey with you has been. On behalf of everyone at Phoenix Labs, thank you for joining us on this adventure.

Not long ago we discussed what our 1.0 release would mean to us. Ever since the launch of our technical alpha in 2017, we’ve partnered with you and listened to your feedback. We’ve worked together to make the Shattered Isles a home for millions of Slayers. Every one of you has been instrumental in shaping the game into what you see today.

Since launching on console earlier this year, we’ve continuously iterated and improved Dauntless for players worldwide. In Fortune and Glory, we introduced a brand new game mode — Trials — complete with rewards for even the most skilled of Slayers. With Aether Unbound, we’re expanding the world even more with the addition of the Aether Strikers, Tempestborne Stormclaw, the Bounty system and more.

Aether Unbound celebrates the culmination of the last 5 years of Dauntless development, but it is also the next step in our journey together. We have even more exciting content coming soon this year and beyond. More Behemoths, more weapons, more challenges, and more ways to slay.

It’s no coincidence we’re calling this update “unbound.” It’s because our future together is limitless.

See you in the Shattered Isles, Slayers.

Jesse “GTez” Houston

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