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Dauntless Launches Massive ‘Path of the Slayer’ Update

The largest content update yet has come to Dauntless today, with the massive “Path of the Slayer” content update. This update introduces the new “Mastery System”, which is a way for Slayers to earn rewards by completing long-term challenges, based on specific Behemoths and pieces of gear. Each Behemoth and crafted weapon (not just weapon class) has its own Mastery card for players to tackle, and they will find alternate new special attack options for the Hammer, War Pike, Sword and Chain Blades, to further customize their gameplay experience. The Mastery System will offer fresh new ways to engage with every weapon and Behemoth encounter. Through this system, they’ll unlock achievements and new customization options.

The Path of the Slayer update also reworks core progression of the game, to help Slayers get into the meat of Dauntless faster. It will introduce concepts like crafting, combat and more through tutorial cards in a clear, transparent, easy-to-understand way. The Progression Rework also adds a new “End of Hunt” screen that offers useful information, such as progress made in Mastery cards, quest rewards, Behemoth break points earned and so much more. This update also updated Quests and the Dauntless map to more clearly define challenges that Slayers can expect on any given hunt. Behemoth hunts are now also organized by their elemental attribute.

Also arriving today is Hunt Pass Season 4: Burndown. This Hunt Pass transforms Ramsgate into an arid landscape marked with ceremonial braziers spread throughout the city and offers Slayers a number of limited-time barbaric rewards. Slayers can experience the Mastery system, reworked progression and Hunt Pass Season 4 starting today. Further details can be found in their blog post below.

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