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Conqueror’s Blade Begins Season 1: Seize the Crown

MY.GAMES and Booming Games revealed that Conqueror’s Blade‘s first season of in-game content begins today. “Season 1: Seize the Crown” will feature a regal theme that influences the overall content for the game and its rewards. For a limited time, players can work towards new in-game challenges for legendary items, exclusive to Season 1. This includes kingly cosmetics and other royal content.

As players complete the weekly challenges, they will progress through the Battle Pass and earn awesome rewards. This “Seize the Crown” Battle Pass has 200 tiers of items, from chests, currency, and the aforementioned season-exclusive cosmetics. Some can be unlocked free of charge, but other reward tiers will require a purchase of the Battle Pass. This is available for 1,000 Sovereigns (9.99 Euros/USD).

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