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Star Trek Online Resurrects Captain Killy for Mirror of Discovery

The latest update to Star Trek Online drops today for PC and a later date for Xbox One and Playstation 4. This story was first introduced in the first season of the CBS television series, Star Trek:  Discovery. The Terran Empires Captain Killy will be in Star Trek Online for the first time, voiced by Mary Wiseman from the show. Killy has a ruthless reputation, and was often mentioned in the series, but never shown on -screen during Discovery. Players unravel the mystery of what really happened to her and the crew of the I.S.S. Discovery after it was summoned to the Prime Universe and never seen again. In addition, Captains explore all-new missions, an update to the Endeavors System and special challenges to celebrate Star Trek Online’s 9th anniversary.

Mirror of Discovery picks up where the first installment left off, just after players battled the Klingons with the support of fellow Starfleet Academy-mate, Sylvia Tilly (also voiced by Mary Wiseman). Discovery fans may remember an episode from the first season, where the U.S.S. Discovery and its crew were abruptly transported to the Mirror Universe. At the same time, the starship’s counterpart, the I.S.S. Discovery, was said to be destroyed by the Klingons above Pahvo in the Prime Universe. Over a century has passed since these events took place and Star Trek Online Captains find themselves on the same forest planet where the Terran starship met its fate. Now, after an ion storm transports a group of time-travelers, it’s up to the I.S.S. Discovery‘s survivors and Ensign Tilly’s mirror self (Captain Sylvia “Killy” Tilly of the Terran Empire).

Mirror of Discovery Features:

  • Two New Featured Episodes – Captains hailing from all of the game’s various factions can experience two new playable episodes featuring Captain Sylvia Tilly of the Terran Empire.
    • “Para Pacem” – Players will witness the I.S.S. Discovery’s fated confrontation with Klingon forces, in the middle of an ion storm above Pahvo.
    • “Illusion of Communication” – Captains must stop Captain Killy from using Terran Empire technology to manipulate Pahvo’s peaceful biosphere.
  • Anniversary Events – This month, Star Trek Online celebrates nine years of exploring the Star Trek universe from within. To kick off this milestone, the game is bringing back the popular Omega Molecule Stabilization event. Players who stabilize Q’s scattered Omega particles can earn free Omega Particle Tech Upgrades and prize vouchers, redeemable for the new T6 Vulcan Scout Ship featured in Star Trek: Discovery.
  • Personal Endeavor System – Players who enjoy the game’s Endeavor System can now complete unique daily challenges to earn account-wide performance boosts in a wide variety of combat mechanics.
  • Battle at the Binary Stars – By popular demand, the Battle at the Binary Stars Event is now available as a Task Force Operation, with the debut of Advanced and Elite modes that will challenge even the most experienced players.
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