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Colt Plays Paragon! [1/30/2017] –

People requested more Paragon, so Colt Plays Paragon! This time we’re (gonna try to) take Khaimera into the jungle.

I’m still pretty new to the game, but jungle paths weren’t a major issue. As with any jungler, you really have to pick your spots with Khaimera. His jump is a great gap closer and as mentioned by one of the viewers in the video, using it after enemies have used their disengagement abilities is a great way to stay on top of a fleeing victim. Unfortunately, as I found out the hard way in this session, Khaimera lacks an escape of any kind. He goes in one direction and one direction only: IN. He was fun and in the hands of a more competent jungle player he’s a monster. I think I’ll spend a little time off-camera learning more about the jungle strategies for Paragon so I can get a better handle on it. Either way, Paragon has been a ton of fun and one of my favorite parts of the Colt Plays series. You should go give Paragon a try straightaway by downloading it here or in the PS store on your Playstation 4 console.

For a build I tried running attack-speed, lifesteal, and power with a smattering of crit-chance in there as well. This sort of worked, and we ended up winning a game despite the fact that I played like I had plastic clapper toys instead of hands.

The rest of my stream schedule this week is largely TBD, but I know that I’m streaming Paladins on Tuesday,  January 31st, against my better judgment. Make sure you head on over to our YouTube channel, at 230PM EST tomorrow to check it out. If there’s something you want to see me play, you can also pop over into the streams and let me know in person!

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