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A Colossal Ocean Boss Emerges in Black Desert Online

A terrifying, overwhelming monster lurks in the Margoria Sea of Black Desert Online. Vell, the Heart of the Sea can be found as an ocean boss in Vell’s Realm, north of Lema Island. They are the first boss of their caliber in the game and is the only monster in the world comparable to the size of an entire city. To face the new boss, adventures must sail out to the middle of the vast Margoria Sea by using the new Epheria Sailboat or the Old Bartali Sailboat, which is easily obtainable and allows players to jump right into the action next week. The player will need to use onboard cannons and matchlocks, and adventurers can attack the beast while also avoiding AOE damage. If Vell receives enough damage, it will go into a frenzy and launch a barrage of powerful attacks. A gigantic tidal wave will sweep away everything in its way, destroying everyone above the surface of the ocean. Vell’s Heart is a premium-quality alchemy stone, and can be obtained by players who succeed in defeating it.

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