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Royal Navy Arrives in World of Warships

The Royal Navy may have been on the horizon for some time, but now the branch of 10 British light cruisers are finally ready to set sail in World of Warships. The line of British cruisers consists of agile, stealthy vessels, making them perfect for rushing headlong into objectives. They are excellent at hunting destroyers, and their low detectability and rapid-firing guns make them efficient in encounters with more “neutral” cruisers. Combine this with their excellent torpedo armament and the smoke screen ability, and you’ll be able to punch a hole through well-armored foes.

Begin your journey through the Tech Tree in the Tier I Black Swan, and as you work your way up through every tier, from the Leander to the Edinburgh, keep your eyes locked on the end goal: The Tier X Minotaur. She was the epitome of design for light cruisers at the beginning of the postwar period. In addition to her compact dimensions, maneuverability, and low detectability, this cruiser boasts an amazing firing rate, and her dual-purpose guns provide a superior AA engagement area radius. Also, who can forget that a formidable advantage of the Royal Navy is their torpedoes? They have the option to fire singularly from multiple tube launchers. Make sure you get the most out these legends.

Lastly, players who have reached Account Level 4 in the game will find containers with some mystery booty inside. All you have to do to haul up these treasures is simply play the game.

Artur Plociennik, World of Warships Global Publishing Producer, said:

The Royal Navy has such a rich history and we’ve had our sights set on including her line in the game for a while. Because we respect its history so much, we wanted to ensure we had every detail down, to create an exceptional player experience.

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