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Battlejack’s First Major Update Casts Players into the Dark Maze

Nexon and Grand Cru have released the first major update to Battlejack, the mobile fantasy card battler. The update is called Dark Maze, which is a new survival challenge mode where players test their battle-hardened heroes, skills and luck. The new mode will send players exploring the depths of a massive maze, battling more than 150 new monsters along their journey. The Dark Maze will transform at the end of each in-game season, offering players a new path, challenges and enemies to battle on a regular basis. New items await such as Shiny Bits, which can be used to buy powerful new items. Zibuls are new awakening materials that will help power-up heroes in the maze. It will also feature new Hero pieces to craft characters. Finally, the Tinker can be enlisted to craft minor healing potions by combining Enhanced Water and Stimulant.

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