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Closers: Seth Announcement Teaser

Closers has revealed the next character coming to the roster – Seth, “The Girl With Two Souls,” a member of UNION’s Wildhüter team.

Seth will be available for pre-creation on August 27th (allowing players to reserve their names), and will be fully playable on September 10th.

En Masse Entertainment is ready to introduce the Closers community to Seth, “The Girl with Two Souls”. Due to be playable on September 10th, Seth’s pre-creation campaign will begin on August 27th. Players who sign in during this time can pre-create their own Seth and reserve her name to have her ready and raring to claw her way into their hearts on September 10th.

Seth is a melee brawler, a delightful young woman named Anna that’s been imbued with the otherworldly powers of Sekhmet. Once the two of them combine their abilities, Seth is born and all challenges must beware of her massive swiping claws and ferocious agile attacks.

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