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Get ready, Closers! The next Wildhuter is on the way, and it’s the Shieldmaiden Luna! She’s coming to Closers on December 11th, and bringing a blend of offensive and defensive skills to the game, as a frontline specialist. This video shows off what she’s capable of, and there will also be a pile of events going on December, for the Winter Holiday Event to celebrate the year 2018, as well as Luna’s arrival. Below is a list of what players can expect in the month of December:

Here’s what’s in store for the Closers community:

Event Stage Madness allows players to check out a different stage event from 2018 every day of the week. If players missed an event, it’s a great time to see things for the first time. It also gives players the chance to revisit some old favorites.

Winter Preparation Event (November 26th to December 19th) lets players earn sweet, sweet loot simply for logging in each day for 15-days. Players can take home a number of goodies including Elite Status, crafting materials, costume items and more.

During Weekend Play Time, (November 26th to December 19th) players can earn even more items simply for playing the game. There are rewards handed out at various “milestones” during weekend gaming hours. Earn an item for logging in, at the 30, 60, 90- and 120-minute marks too!

New EMP Shop items on sale through December 19th including:

  • Winter Special Package
  • Winter Enhancement / Tuning Package
  • Winter Chip / PNA / Transcendence Package
  • Mini Alice Pet Packages (egg and Adult)
  • Soma & Wolfgang UNION Guard Package
  • Soma Academy Premium Package
  • Magical Girl / Phantom Washing Machine Package

New Additions to BITNA including:

  • Magical Girl / Phantom Washing Machines
  • Soma Storm Rider Washing Machines
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