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Chronicle: RuneScape Legends – First Look

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends – First Look

Chronicle: Runescape Legends is a free to play CCG developed by Jagex for PC, Mac, and mobile devices. In Chronicle: Runescape Legends players can become creators of epic adventures within the deep lore of the RuneScape universe. Chronicle is planned to release with two forms of cards, creature and support. You can spend your gold to buy support cards which can give you buffs, boosts and other effects to varying aspects of the game. Creature cards are monsters and will provide you with gold and other items… if you defeat them that is.

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is Jagex’s take on the growing online-card game genre. By mixing mechanics typically found in board games and card games, throwing a tiny dash of RPG in, and presenting it on a light-weight client, they’ve managed to create something rather unique in a saturated market. Of course, RuneScape is also a much-loved and well-known setting, so instant popularity for the game is almost assured. If you’re a fan of strategy with a bit of chance thrown in, you may find yourself enjoying Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. It certainly has both in spades.

There’s a ton of content planned to come in the months ahead, including our first major card expansion bringing a ton of Old School Runescape content in Mid April, as well as the introduction of Morvran, the Slayer Master in Late April!

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