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Let’s Rock with another Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2/Brave Frontier Collaboration

GG XRD - Brave Frontier - image

Heaven or Hell, Let’s Rock! Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 from ArcSys is coming back to Brave Frontier from May until June. 8 Guilty Gear Xrd characters are returning, which can be summoned from May 16th through June 13th, listed below. There will also be a Battle Royale Frontier Rift, where players clash against mighty Guilty Gear fights to obtain Collaboration Spheres. Players will be awarded Rift Tokens after successfully clearing the Rifts. These can be exchanged for items (such as the might-anticipated Omni Tridon) at the Rift Bazar. The “Neo New York”, “Royal Court”, “Neo New York Again” and “The Magnum Wedding” dungeons also return, which unlock Sol and Ky. Sol’s Summoner Avatar weapon “Junkyard Dog” can be found in Neo New York Again, and exclusive materials can be found in The Magnum Wedding for Collaboration Spheres. Elphet can be obtained in the Exchange Hall during the collaboration event as well.

  • Baiken, a skilled one-armed swordswoman who had given up her womanhood for vengeance.
  • Leo Whitefang, a shrewd and proud king with an unsurpassable combat prowess to outplay his foes in battle.
  • May, an energetic young pirate who wields an anchor around as her weapon using her monstrous strength.
  • Johnny, leader of the Jellyfish Pirates and a master swordsman. He cuts down his opponents with his unparalleled battoujutsu.
  • Millia, a beautiful ex-assassin who eliminates targets with her magic-infused hair.
  • Dizzy, a half-gear half-human and the wife of Ky Kiske.
  • Jack-O’, a carefree beauty who is capable of summoning minions to do her bidding.
  • Ramlethal, an enigmatic girl from another world who fights by summoning two gigantic swords around her.
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