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Block N Load – First Look (Now Free to Play)

BakermanBrad is back ready to Block N Load! Block N Load is a combined team-based FPS and world builder. Players go head-to-head in 5v5 matches. Each player can choose from several available classes with role-specific abilities. In the pre-match round, teams can build, change, and fortify their portion of the map, laying traps, boosts, ambushes, and more. The match then follows into a competitive shooter where tactics are constantly changing and evolving. Block N Load features tiered play for those looking to enjoy a competitive edge in battle.

Block N Load is now free to play! The transition takes the existing core game, mechanics, and modes, and enhances them with substantive improvements to the shooter’s combat and matchmaking, as well as launching a whole raft of additional content such as new heroes, daily challenges, perks and player progression.

Learn more about Block N Load and its free to play transition right here:

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