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Black Desert on PS4 Adds Striker and Tamer Classes

Black Desert on PS4 adds the Striker and Tamer classes in today’s free update for the action-packed MMO. Strikers, trained by an incredible martial-arts master, and are close-quarters masters. They will overwhelm any of their foes with punches and kicks. Conversely, the Tamer, from Haemo island has a loyal divine beast to help her in battle. The Tamer and Heilang fight together with mighty AOE strikes to their opponents, while still managing to be mobile.

This update also adds the leader of the harpies, Karanda. The Queen of the Harpies can be found at Karanda Ridge and is not to be taken lightly. Rabam Skills also come upon hitting level 56. With it, you can combine two skills to create a more powerful ability. Finally, Black Desert on PlayStation 4 is featured within the PlayStation Double Discount event, with 25% off all three game bundles and PS+ members receiving 50% off until November 22.

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