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Black Desert Beta Arrives on Playstation 4 in August

Black Desert‘s Playstation 4 release will begin a beta test on August 9th, which lasts until August 13th. This is to prepare for the August 22nd launch, and the beta will be available without a PlaystationPlus subscription. Anyone who signs up will receive an exclusive pet, the Sky Hawk, once the game launches. The Sky Hawk will let players loot items, increases Knowledge Gain Chance, and also find rare monsters. It’s also important to note there will be a data wipe after the event.

Beta Dates:

Start Date: Aug. 9, 12 A.M. PDT (7 A.M. UTC)
End Date: Aug. 13, 2 A.M. PDT (9 A.M. UTC)

Black Desert is also available to pre-order, in a variety of editions: Standard (29.99), Deluxe (49.99), and Ultimate (99.99), each with their own in-game rewards. The pre-orders are available on the Playstation Store, and Deluxe/Ultimate Editions will give 48-hours early access to the game. Those with a PlaystationPlus account receive a 10% discount on all pre-order editions. Explore the lands of Calpheon with six character classes, including the Warrior, Sorceress, Ranger, Berserker, Wizard, and Witch. Adventurers can create their ideal characters through the robust customization tool, embark on a journey to reach a maximum level of 50, and participate in GM events.

In addition, there is a Black Desert update for the Xbox One edition, which grants the Ninja class the power to Awaken true skills and abilities. There are also three new bosses: Karanda, Quint and Maraka, which offer their own powerful loot and the Capotia Accessories.

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