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Elune Is Now Available on Mobile Devices

GAMEVIL’s latest mobile release goes live on both iOS and Android today, the monster-collecting Elune. Elune is now live in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Japan, where a legendary journey awaits. Powerful Elunes are just waiting to be collected, which are powerful heroes who each wish to bring justice to each of the game’s seven dimensions. There are more than 200 of these Elunes to collect, each with their own set of skills and combat cutscenes. This creates endless opportunities to collect, train and evolve these Elunes.

Each of these dimensions holds a variety of stages to battle through with your Elunes, boosting their abilities through increasingly challenging modes. There are also Legendary Rewards to collect, as powerful bosses can drop rare Legendary Equipment to give to your Elunes. If you want to battle other players, they have you covered there as well, with five versus five PVP battles. Though there are hundreds of these Elunes, some definitely stand above the rest.

Legendary Elunes:

  • McCarthy: McCarthy is from Meta, but unlike the other disciples, was born and raised on the Starship. He was once the head of a notorious cartel but after becoming undead by way of a curse, he began to reflect on his life and started fighting for justice. He is a legendary debuffer, using his ultimate skill “Heaven’s Outlaw” he is able to attack all enemies on the field while  inflicting a Weakening Effect.
  • Baldr: Baldr is credited by Zata as being the top swordsman in Meta. He uses a sword imbued with the power of the Flame Dragon, Fafnir. Though he spent most of his childhood sick in bed, he was able to transform into the highest-ranking swordsman in all of Meta through his strenuous training and sheer effort. This high DPS Elune deals massive damage with his ultimate move “Flame Dragon’s Rage” which attacks an enemy twice with a potential to clear the cooldown 100% if the enemy has the Blaze status.
  • Mikazuki: A goblin swordswoman who has been residing in Mt. Sky since long ago. She once worked together with Humans to defeat evil Specters and help them build what is now known as Sky Mountain Palace. However, those same Humans sealed her away due to a fear of her powers. Even though she has finally been released by Haemosu, she still harbors a grudge against Humans. This debuffer Elune has a chance to curse weakened enemies with her ultimate move “Goblin Strike” which deals devastating damage to all enemies on the field.
  • Wei Wei: A stranger from a distant Dimension where not even the power of the Creator can reach. She used to be an actress and an idol in a non-magical world, but an unknown force drew her into the world of Elunes. However, Wei Wei firmly believes this bizarre world is some sort of a commercial studio designed by her producer, except for the fact that the magic used by this studio’s extras is way too realistic to be computer graphics. This Support type Elune is able to increase ally Elune attacks with her ultimate move “Sweet Temptation.”
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