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Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Trailer

After their betrayal, Stellin Industries and Benirunerk have been branded enemies of the Daevas. At the same time, Inanna has disappeared without a trace, which can’t be a coincidence. Join in the pursuit to find her and continue to unravel the conspiracy on May 27 with the Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea update. To get Daevas ready, Aion is offering a FREE Dragon Carpet Pack .

New Instances

Altar of Ascension is a new 6-man instance where you can acquire new Burning Altar accessories. The Chaotic Vale, a stat-equalized battleground will also make its debut.

Balaurea Revamp

The land of the Balaur will undergo changes and Daevas will need to adapt quickly! Monsters will be more formidable in Inggison, Gelkamaros, and Silentera Canyon–but that’s not all that’s changing!

New Systems

Daevas can earn Renown and climb ranks through this new system by killing monsters and doing quests in Balaurea. Higher levels of Renown will unlock additional items at merchants, bonus quests, and more!

Joining the Renown system are the new Gemstone and Runestone systems. We’ll have a deep dive article on all these new systems soon, so keep an eye out!

New Equipment

Get ready to update your equipment with the latest and greatest, which can be found in the new instances. Paragon armor and weapons, new unique Imbued weapons, and Accessories and Plumes are waiting for you to unlock their power! Gemstones and Runestones will also be made available to power up your accessories and feather accessories, respectively.

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