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Zombies Monsters Robots Presents a Game of Drones

En Masse Entertainment, a player-driven publisher focused on delivering great games and exceptional service, today announced the release date and details of Game of Drones, an update for its free-to-play third-person shooter, Zombies Monsters Robots (ZMR). The update introduces a fleet of drone companions that provide backup in ZMR’s many challenging co-op scenarios, in addition to five new maps, a new competitive game mode, and a new improved leveling-rewards system. Look for Game of Drones to launch on April 14.

The update’s defining feature, the drone system, allows players to unlock mechanical companions that fight alongside them in co-op modes. Players can unlock four unique drone types, each with their own unique attacks and appearance. Players can customize their drone with abilities and modifications to best suit their play style and the operation at hand.

Game of Drones also brings five new maps to the game, including the meaty new Assault Ops co-op campaign, “Occupied Earth,” which includes an extremely challenging Nightmare difficulty mode. For competitive mercenaries, the update debuts “Charnel Halls,” a new multi-level map for ZMR’s exclusive Mercs vs. Monsters mode, in which players assume control of one of more than 20 unique playable character classes, including a demonic emperor, a stealthy witch, or a destructive mech-suit.

But perhaps the biggest and most impactful change in the Game of Drones update includes a complete overhaul of ZMR’s leveling rewards. With more free unlocks—including permanent weapons and weapon modifications, drones, turrets, and costumes—players will now reap fantastic rewards just for leveling up. These new rewards will be delivered to the in-game mailboxes of any existing players, meaning players have a lot to come back to on update day!

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