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Zombies Arrive In New Dark Blood Update

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Outspark has released its latest update, Act III, for Dark Blood Online.

The new update raises the level cap to 40, and introduces a new map expansion. Players will be able to revisit Quern Castle (the same from the tutorial), facing off against zombies, goblins, and one-eyed monsters with some quirky traits including high-fiving each other. A livestream event will be hosted by MassivelyTV this afternoon at 2pm PST with Dark Blood Director Daniel Cheng to highlight content from the expansion.

Outspark also publishes Luvinia Online and Fiesta Online.

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Dark Blood Unveils Act III with a Zombie Apocalypse
Just in time for Gamescom, the drawbridge drops to the legendary Quern castle and players charge in only to find their possessed brethren waiting to eat them alive!

San Francisco, CA – August 9, 2012 – Dark Blood, the hit free-to-play dark fantasy MMO arcade brawler, delighted its community overnight with a level cap raise to Level 40 and a thrilling map expansion that includes deep exploration of the mythic Quern Castle, its possessed dungeons, mobs and bosses. It is the castle from the tutorial where players train under unrelenting attacks, where poisonous gas turns knights into whacked out zombies, and goblins and one eyed monsters with a lot of personality trapse across dramatic cliffs and marsh intent on claiming flesh and soul.

“Act III is so hardcore and the fighting so fierce, players will be left breathless. The game is extremely challenging and unforgiving in this new territory, and unbelievably alive and wicked,” said Philip Yun, CEO, Outspark. “There are actually so many new monsters each with their own bizarre traits, high-fiving each other, players are sure to break a sweat while laughing out loud.”

MassivelyTV will be streaming gameplay from the expansion today, Thursday, August 9 at 2pm PT at Jump into chat to get your questions answered live by Dark Blood Director Daniel Chang. To see what Dark Blood is all about, check out the electrifying launch trailer at

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Dark Blood is published by Outspark, developed by JCR Soft, and licensed from GameHi for North America and Europe.

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