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‘Wurm Online’ Expands With New Gameplay Mode & New Features

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Wurm Online

Independent games developer and publisher Code Club AB is proud to announce a new ‘Challenge’ gameplay mode available today, in addition to a host of other cool features and additions to their popular Wurm Online virtual world.

Conceived in 2003 and released in 2006, Wurm Online is a 3D massively multiplayer online RPG, and is often described as the ultimate survival MMO. Featuring player versus player combat and realm versus realm combat, Wurm Online has continuously grown and gained popularity since its original release.

The new ‘Challenge’ mode is a massive 8×8 kilometer player versus player server featuring the three kingdoms in an intimate struggle for total domination, and features full loot on fallen friends and foes. The server and current Challenge stay persistent for the duration of one month, and scoreboards are presented with winners in different categories, each receiving special rewards and prizes at the end. The premise of the new Challenge mode is to take grinding and timers more or less out of the equation, and put emphasis on the fun in creative chaos. To achieve this, characters on the server begin with sufficient amount of skills to enjoy the worlds vast set of features and crafting instantly. With enemies pushing your kingdom’s borders you need to pull together with your fellow players and build the battlefield to your advantage.

In addition to the new gameplay mode, Code Club are also adding other enhancements to the game: Siege weapons such as the trebuchet, ballista and siege shield offers players new means of attack, and new defensive capabilities are introduced such as spike barriers, archery towers and magic turrets strengthening the defense. Resource spawns now exist at certain places providing quick means of procuring materials for building and crafting and creating strategic points for conflict.

The new Challenge mode allows players to reach higher skill levels and access content a lot quicker than usual, and players can monitor and follow online progress, results, standings and other data for future references. Each month, winners will be announced, prizes awarded, and the server reset. After a grace period of approximately 5-10 days, another Challenge is created, possibly adding new features, settings and goals.

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