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World of Planes launches website

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World of Planes, a new MMO flight simulator from Gaijin Entertainment, now has an official website, complete with newsletter and beta sign ups.

The game will be based on the World War II era of history, and will be available for PC and Mac. Players will be able to engage in air, land, and sea combat, and customize their weapons and flying skills as they progress as a pilot.

World of Planes will enter alpha testing this July, and plans to enter closed beta in September.

World of Planes Gameplay Screenshot


Gaijin Entertainment Launches Website for World of Planes MMO

Visit for game news to request access to the closed beta coming in September.

June 17 – Award winning Gaijin Entertainment is announcing the launch of the official World of Planes website at This MMO flying simulation game, based on World War II history, coming to PC and MAC.

What had been taken as April fool joke after initial presentation on April is in fact a very real and advanced project. «We decided to use this special date to open the curtains a little on what we had secretly been working on for the last two years. But of course we kept some things secret, for instance that we’re also bringing this new game to the MAC» says Kirill Yudintsev, Chief Creative Officer of Gaijin Entertainment.

At the website, players will find World of Planes news, screenshots, new game details, community features, and more! Players may also apply to participate in the World of Planes closed beta test. A small group of lucky players will be selected to receive early access to the game’s alpha version in July. Everyone else who applies will get to join in with the game’s beta version in September.

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