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World of Battles: Morningstar Merges Servers

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Frogwares has announced a server merge for World of Battles: Morningstar, which recently launched on Steam.

The server merge will unite all players into a single battlezone, making it easier to find players and level up clans. Clans from US and European Server 2 will be resettled in the new Beast Folk, Amazon, Barbarian, and Dark Elf Regions without losing their current provinces. As a special bonus, Frogwares is offering a two-for-one bonus for players who purchase Gems at any rate.

World of Battles: Morningstar Gameplay Overview


 World of Battles: Morningstar Celebrates Massive Server Merge with Double Gems Promotion

Multiplayer Real-Time Strategy with a War-Gaming Twist, Now on Steam

PARIS – May 22, 2012 – Renowned PC developer Frogwares today announced a massive server merge for World of Battles: Morningstar — the free-to-play online real-time strategy game (RTS). Recently launched on Steam, this merge will unite every server into one giant battle zone, making it easier to find opponents and level up your clan. To celebrate, Frogwares are offering a two-for-one promotion to any player who purchases Gems, instantly doubling your investment! The game blends tabletop war gaming with fast RTS action. To see for yourself, check out World of Battles: Morningstar on Steam today!

As of today, the Global Map is truly global! Eight of the nine total regions are now open, and clans from every server will be transferred into this one epic battleground. Clans from the US and European Server 2 will be resettled in the new Beast Folk, Amazon, Barbarian and Dark Elf regions, without losing any of their existing provinces. However, the most mysterious and rich region in the center of the Global map will still be hidden by the fog of war.

Don’t forget to pick up some extra Gems, now available at half price!

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