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Wintertide Event – Celebrate the Holiday Season in Firefall

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Red 5 Studios announces the annual Wintertide Live Event for the massive online open-world shooter, Firefall. Wintertide is a holiday themed event where players can participate in several fun encounters including helping Father Wintertide, Snowball Fights, and Whacking Elves. Completing these activities will net the players some fantastic rewards, available through Wintertide vendors located in Copacabana, Dredge, and Kanaloa Research Station.

Firefall Holidays

Father Wintertide

Father Wintertide’s rocket sleigh has been shot down by bandit scoundrels and he requires your aid! Help him by collecting parts to fix his rocket sleigh and defending the presents from the villainous bandits. Be warned though, these bandits have brought some serious firepower with them and they mean business!

Snowball Fight

What better way to celebrate Wintertide than rolling up a ball of snow and planting them in your friends’ faces? To make it official, we’re putting up Snowball Fight arenas all around the world so that you can challenge friends and strangers at any time. Visit a Snowball Fight arena and let the battles begin!

Whack an Elf

Admit it, we’ve all thought about bonking these little annoying humanoids from time to time. Well now you can! Whack an Elf is a personal game that you can spawn on demand, which will allow you to lay waste to the pesky elves with a festive holiday hammer. The more of them you wreck, the more points you’ll receive and the more prizes you can get!

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