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War Thunder – Naval Battles Introduce New Class of Ships

War Thunder - Light Cruisers - Image

The Closed Beta test of War Thunder‘s “Naval Battles” are on the way, and ahead of that, Gaijin Entertainment present a new class of warship: Light Cruisers. They will feature the most powerful weaponry among all of the ships in the game, and their destructive power and size will make them a centerpiece of any force. With their great power, comes great responsibility. The first two models of light cruisers presented are the British HMS Enterprise, an Emerald-class light cruiser, and the Italian Giussano-class light cruiser Bartolomeo Colleoni. The HMS Enterprise is capable of speeds up to 33 knots, boasts good armor, and is armed with seven 152mm main cannons, as well as anti-aircraft cannons, machine guns, and even torpedo tubes. The Bartolomeo Colleoni is slightly faster at 37 knots and surpasses the HMS Enterprise in armament, as it offers eight 152mm main cannons plus six additional 100mm long-range cannons. Its protective capabilities, however, are considerably weaker, with only 24mm of hull armor in comparison to the 76.4mm offered by the British ship.

Captains of the Bartolomeo Colleoni will also have to keep an extra eye on the sky, considering the noticeably weaker anti-air defense compared to the HMS Enterprise. The British ship promises to be weak to attacks from torpedo bombers though, lacking the maneuverability of the Italian cruiser. Light cruisers will want to be at a distance from smaller vessels so they can safely deal massive damage on the enemy fleet. In close-combat, the smaller ships armor-piercing shells spell disaster for the larger ships. With proper placement and strategy, these new warships can be a true force to be reckoned with.

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