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War Of Emperium Arrives On Ragnarok Classic

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Gravity Interactive  has announced that the massive War of Emperium update has officially launched on Ragnarok Online’s Classic Server.

For nostalgia minded players who enjoyed the original mechanics and maps of the game, Gravity launched its Classic Server in June. As the months passed, the server had more regions and features added. This update introduces the War of Emperium: Ragnarok Online’s signature guild versus guild competition, pitting warriors from around the world against each other in a weekly test of skill and strategy.

“Classic server is now ready to launch War of Emperum, over the course of three test WoEs we have opened up all of the realms and castles, as well as the guild dungeons,” says Producer Jason “Heimdallr” Koerperich, Ragnarok Online Producer at Gravity Interactive. “With the launch of full WoE castle holding guilds will be able to invest in a castles economy, improve its defenses, pick up treasure, and access the guild dungeon!”

With the War of Emperium launched, one of the next updates in Classic’s future will be the introduction of Transcendent classes, powerful upgrades to existing classes that can be unlocked by reaching the level cap. Players can learn more about special events, patch notes, community fan creations, and much more at the official Ragnarok Online Facebook here: .

October Sealed Box event begins for players who have redeemed a magic stone item to change to their second job class. The sealed boxes will drop off of random monsters when wearing a special event headgear and can be unlocked with keys from the item mall for unique and useful items. These change up monthly so check out this page for more details,

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