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Villagers and Heroes: Starfall Available Now

Good news, Villagers and Heroes fans! Starfall, the expansion to the title is now live on PC and Android! The expansion was soft-launched on the 20th this month, it’s now available to everyone. It’s a gigantic update to the game as a whole, bringing fun, useful features, like a level cap raise, new zones, and a loot system! From a new leveling system/talent trees, and feats for all classes, that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Journey to Crux, which is shrouded in mystery! The Lumineers are on the way to Crux as well, and secrets will unravel as you travel with them. Players are set to receive an all new free mount, free sockets, talent reset potions and a free outfit. Launch day will be ready for all players, but the massive changes to old systems with new additions will make certain items and content have some changes which players should be aware of. Players who want complete details can click below.

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