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Valkyrie Sky raises level cap, introduces Hard Mode

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In a new update, Valkyrie Sky has lifted the level cap again, this time from level 40 to level 50. New places to work toward the level cap include Brugund, Nidavellir, Imisbrunn, and Gnipahelir. 120 new costume items have been added.

In addition, a new Hard Mode has been added to the game. This increases the difficulty of a stage every 10 seconds, to test player’s real skills.

During the next few weeks, Valkyrie Sky will be holding a few special events. They include:

“What Is Your Limit?” 100 random players who earn 200 medals from playing Hard Mode between February 3rd and February 16th will receive 5 coins as a reward.

Valentine’s Day Leaving “sincere” Valentine’s Day wishes to your fellow players in a forum thread between February 13th and 15th, and earn 30 of the most sincere will earn 20 Well-Done Salted Meokchi BBQ.

Valkyrie Style Take a screenshot of your character dressed up in a costume in 3D Camera mode, and the 10 best dressed will earn a 3 Stone Set (Losastone of Release, Batistone of Recovery, and Batistone of Restoration). This contest runs from Febraury 3rd to February 23rd.

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