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Uncharted Waters Online: Gran Atlas Expansion Coming Soon

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OGPlanet is excited to announce the newest expansion for Uncharted Waters Online ‘Gran Atlas’. The expansion will bring many new features within the game for players to explore. Players will have over 200 accurately modeled ships to choose from, 180+ port towns to visit and 2000+ discoveries to make with this new update. Uncharted Waters Online is the most challenging, comprehensive, complex, and focused historical high-seas experience any MMO has to offer players.

The newest major expansion Gran Atlas will be updated and ready for players to begin their journey on February 12, 2015. All areas of the world map, which is based on real life, will be opened and players may explore, trade, and battle freely in it. Three major storyline quests, new features and balances have also been added.

Join us from February 1st, on our daily login pre-launch event!

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