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The Lord of the Rings Online Celebrates Harvestmath

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Turbine has announced the Harvestmath Festival has begun in The Lord of the Rings Online.  Players can participate in a variety of harvest and Halloween themed events from now until October 14.

The Haunted Burrow is the main attraction.  Beneath the Party Tree, players can explore, complete daily quests, uncover various traps, and solve riddles in every wing of the fun-house.  Completing these tasks earns tokens which can be turned in for cloaks, maps, masks, and the all-new Harvest-brew Steed.

Other daily quests include Scroll-grabbing, Geode-hunting, Pumpkin picking, and Apple bobbing.  Troves and Trickery also returns, allowing you to play tricks on citizens of Thorin’s Hall, Duillond, Hobbiton, and Bree.

Turbine also publishes Dungeons and Dragons Online.

The Lord of the Rings Online “Harvestmath Celebration” Gameplay Screenshot

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