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Sweet Science Comes Out Swinging in Block N Load

This weekend sees another new hero join the full game roster and unleashes a weekend Ablockalypse with a new special game mode.
It’s time to get the gloves out and welcome Sweet Science – the king of the dirty fight. Able to dish out pounding blows with his fists, he’s punch drunk with power and means business. With his dash attacks, gravity traps and ability to disable enemy devices, opponents had better take him seriously or he’ll land the big one-two.
Also, don’t miss out on the new Ablockalypse Mode, available in both the full game and the demo – this weekend only. It’s a mode for new and experienced players alike, where life is cheap and the frantic battles are shorter. The frenzied play style includes faster building, much more power and massive arena destruction. Face the Ablockalypse this weekend, before it draws to a close on Monday 1st June at 10am BST!

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