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Star Ocean: Anamnesis Begins Collaboration with Valkyrie Profile

Star Ocean Anamnesis - Valkyrie Profile -image

Star Ocean: Anamnesis begins their first in-game collaboration event today with the classic RPG Valkyrie Profile. As a part of this event, iconic characters Lenneth and Silmeria are given 3D models which are exclusive to Star Ocean: Anamnesis for the first time. There are login rewards, fan-favorite characters, and special events for a limited time. The event starts today and goes until September 18th, 2018 and the login event includes rewards like 5-Star Character Ticket, 5-Star Weapon Ticket, Gems and more. Lenneth and Silmeria will also be available during this time. The special event will include the formidable Blood Valkyrie is accepting challengers now through September 18, 2018. Those who manage to defeat her can earn special rewards and event coins, which they can exchange for even more prizes,

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