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Square Enix’s Mobile Titles Begin Valentine’s Day Promotion

Square Enix Valentines News

Square Enix began their limited-time Valentine’s Day themed events across Star Ocean: Anamnesis, Mobius Final Fantasy, and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. These events have already begun and offers rewards for newcomers and long-time players alike. Star Ocean’s Event lasts until February 18th, Mobius Final Fantasy’s Event lasts until February 20th, and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius’ Event will last until February 21st.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis:

  • Special Characters – Players can add limited-edition Valentine’s versions of STAR OCEAN 2’s Rena, STAR OCEAN 5’s Welch and STAR OCEAN: ANAMNESIS’s Verda to their collections during the campaign period. Cat Rena (5-star Ace Attacker) can greatly increase ATK damage and has both close- and long-range battle skills, while Dream Welch (5-star Ace Healer) can use her Rush Mode ability Sweet Pressure to heal her party and debuff enemies. Sweet Verda’s (5-star Ace Attacker) close-range attacks debuff her targets, while her powerful Rush Mode ability Chocolate Blessing debuffs all enemies.

Mobius Final Fantasy:

  • Valentine’s Campaign – During this promotion, players can use Campaign Exclusive Spirits while questing, including the brand-new Echo Rouge, Echo Azul, Sweet Echo, Chocotuar and Choco-chu, to unlock cards’ extra skills more quickly.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius:

  • Valentine-Themed Characters – Cupid Artemios, Cupid Luna, and the lovers Ang and Yan are back in a limited-time featured summon. For the first time, Ang will be featured as a 7-star unit.
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