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Steambirds Alliance Launches into Open Beta

Steambirds Alliance Open Beta

What’s better than playing with a few friends? Playing with all of your friends! Spry Fox revealed that Open Beta for their free-to-play 60-player Steambirds Alliance has begun. Steambirds Alliance is an incredibly cooperative top-down MMO Bullet Hell, and the first beta will go from May 24th until the 26th, and everyone is invited to give it a try. Further beta tests will be held every weekend as summer draws near, so everyone has a shot to play. They are also planning weekday betas for the future.

Up to 60 players can tackle a map of cruel cat bosses and endless waves of bullets being fired. There is a wide variety of planes to unlock, each with their own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Whether you want to be a healer (Paladin), a tank (Shield Maiden), or a Damage Dealer, there are options for you. Though this is a roguelike, losing your plane is not the end of your run. There are mechanics such as XP and skill trees to allow continuous progress (or simply stocking gear in your storehouse to get a ship geared up and ready to fly immediately).

Experience hundreds of unique enemies, a wide variety of secret missions and many, many bosses. Enjoy gameplay that has been carefully built from the ground up to encourage fun coop experiences and minimize friction between friends and strangers in a griefing free environment. Though Steambirds Alliance will drop this summer, the open betas are available now!

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