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High-Tech Military Shooter Ironsight Prepares for Closed Beta

If you’re ready for Ironsight, you won’t have to wait too much longer! The closed beta for the Korean PC shooter from gamgo AG begins on November 14th, 2017! Fans can sign up below for a chance to gain access to the beta. Those who want to guarantee access to Ironsight ASAP and unlock exclusive in-game items can now pre-order one of three limited-time Ironsight Founder’s Packs: Soldier, Sergeant and General — each are packed with exclusive perks, skins, boosters and admission to both the closed beta and early access to the open beta. Though the game is Free-to-play, Ironsight promises compelling fast-paced tactical gameplay, gorgeous visuals, and a gaming experience to rival the premium-priced FPS games of the era. Step into the year 2025, where natural resources are dwindling, and high technolgy is pulled out to lay claim to them!

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