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Soul of the Ultimate Nation reveals plans for updates

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Webzen has revealed plans for its 2010 updates for Soul of the Ultimate Nation.

The updates include the release of “Shadow,” a new class that has the combined aspects of both assassin and sorcerer, uses daggers and whip swords, and dark and curse skills. Shadow is designed for players who enjoy soloing.

Character transformation and mount systems will also be added, along with increasing the level cap throughout the year. Webzen also plans on offering multi-language services.

The Original Press Release:

‘Soul of the Ultimate Nation’ Unveil Plans for 2010

– 2010 Update plans for S.U.N revealed through the official website
– Plan to add the new character class and 1,000 quests
– “Holiday Spirit in S.U.N” contribution donated to UNICEF

(02-02-2010) – “Soul of the Ultimate Nation (S.U.N)” serviced by WEBZEN Inc. (NASDAQ: WZEN) released update plans for the year 2010.

WEBZEN released its quarterly update plans for the year of 2010 on its official website, which included “Shadow”, a new character class, new quests and field maps.

The new class “Shadow” update is scheduled within the first half of the year along with playing field updates. “Shadow” is a runaway from the imperial army “Imperial Herald” with combined characteristics of “assassin” and “sorcerer.” Main weapons are daggers and whip swords, and dark and curse skills are available to give additional damage to the opponents.

Shadow is a specialized faction for gamers that prefer a single play—it has been successfully implemented and is the most beloved character among solo players in Asia

As for an integral component of S.U.N, the character transformation system and mounts will be added; and character level-up limits will also be increased proving continuous string of game updates.

WEBZEN also plans to launch multi-language service. The languages include German, Spanish, Portuguese, and English. The S.U.N official website is already available in French and German.

ChangKeun Kim, the CEO of WEBZEN, said “The accounted updates have been influenced based on the feedbacks and comments by our users. This year, we plan to apply our aggregated knowledge which we”ve accumulated since the commencing S.U.N in South Korea, into the game.”

And other note, this month WEBZEN will donate the proceeds from the in-game items sold during the 2009 Christmas Season to UNICEF. The fundraising promotion was the users” idea, which makes even more meaningful for WEBZEN. The donated fund will be used to help children all over the world.

More details on Global Soul of the Ultimate Nation are available at

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