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SMITE Reveals Sylvanus Details

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SMITE Sylvanus

This week, SMITE revealed its first concrete details for Sylvanus, the newest god to join the MOBA’s pantheon.

Sylvanus’ model is of an old man riding atop a massive treant (named Grover). His role will be a utility-based Guardian, with the following skills:

  • Basic: Targeted AoE basic attack.
  • Passive: A chance to root the enemy for one second when hit by a basic attack. Internal cooldown of 12 seconds, not affected by CDR.
  • First Skill: Places a plant that blooms after a short amount of time. If the seed hits an enemy, it will damage and root them. The plant gives an AoE MP5, and lasts until destroyed. It may be destroyed with a single attack, but will place a protection debuff on enemies standing in the radius when it is destroyed. Up to three plants can be active at one time, although the buff doesn’t stack. (These plants don’t grant vision).
  • Second Skill: Sends wisps to enemies and allies in the area. Wisps heal and grant protection to allies and Sylvanus, while damaging enemies with a DoT. Wisps also affect minions.
  • Third Skill: Pulls an enemy to Sylvanus. This skill doesn’t do damage, but does go through walls and minions, and can’t hit allies.
  • Ultimate: Wrath of Gaia, an area knockup/DoT.

You can catch Sylvanus in action in the recorded Dev Talk stream.

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