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Zombies Monsters Robots: New Void Update Available

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En Masse Entertainment is excited to announce that the next update for their over-the-top, anything goes, third-person shooter, Zombies Monsters Robots will challenge players to Kill. Every. Thing… in space!

Scheduled to launch today, February 2, ZMR’s space-themed “Into the Void” update will introduce a brand new co-op campaign spanning three maps, as well as two new PvP maps, 11 new weapons, and 14 new cosmetic items.

Love will also be in the air in this oxygen-free update with a wide variety of Valentine’s Day themed items and events. Players will receive a temporary special “Deadly Valentine” sniper rifle for completing the first mission in the new three-mission space campaign. After receiving their Deadly Valentine, players will be tasked with earning seven kills in PvP with the weapon. Those who successfully achieve seven PvP kills will be automatically entered into a drawing for a special Valentine’s reward pack.

Then we will randomly select 25 winners to receive the pack, which contains a permanent version of the Deadly Valentine sniper rifle, a “Cupid’s Arrow” crossbow, and an exclusive Valentine costume. These 25 winners then have the option to choose one Valentine each: another player of their choice who will receive the very same prize pack! These items will not be made available outside of this prize pack.

Want to know more about ZMR? Head to, like ZMR on Facebook, follow the En Masse team on Twitter, and learn more from players on the official Wiki at Gamepedia.

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